Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Samuel L. Jackson's Character in Black Snake Moan is Instantly Iconic

Here's a snip from a movie review for Black Snake Moan:
Black Snake Moan is smart and soulful but it’s also red hot. The movie burns with the sweaty heat of the deep, deep south. It’s not afraid of sex, nudity, and smoldering, immorality. The film also knows a thing or two about beautiful, bad ass cursing. Fuck flies out of Sam Jackson’s mouth better than it does from just about anyone; when he says the word it’s poetry. Brewer’s movie uses his talent for vulgar language to full effect. His character is an instantly iconic southern figure, an elderly, hardened farmer who loves god, dirty music, and foul language in almost equal measure. This is Sam’s best role since Pulp Fiction, it’s the kind of part I’d always imagined him playing after working for Tarantino, it’s just taken a while for it to happen.
The movie poster also looks instantly iconic to me.

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